Legal advice

Advice of how to implement regulations, laws, agreements, ordinances, and legal resolutions, regarding environmental aspects, from planning through control and monitoring.

Planning and management

  • Risk analysis
  • Base lines
  • Environmental and social management plans
  • Public participation processes
  • Corporate socio-environmental responsibility projects
  • Education and training

Efficient resource management

  • Geographic Information Systems Analysis (GIS)
  • Integrated Management of Natural Resources
  • Forestry Management
  • Strategic environmental assessment
  • Technical studies (Governmental Agreement 236-2006)
  • Capacity support studies
  • Evaluation, control, diagnosis, environmental management and monitoring

Measurement of environmental impact

  • Environmental audit
  • Cumulative effects
  • Changes in the use of land
  • Road impact
  • Terrestrial ecology (terrestrial and aquatic biology), fragmentation and connectivity studies
  • Environmental noise modeling, air quality, emissions and visual impact
  • Research programs